Fermented, Local and Mindfully Made Food

Fermented, Local and Mindfully Made Food

We thought it was about time that you got to know us a little better. Here's what makes us tick...

Fermentation - Better Than Raw

Fermentation makes the nutrients and minerals in our food more bioavailable so our bodies can absorb them easier. 

Some foods are actually toxic when raw and contain anti-nutrients that block our cells from digesting them, like beans. For their own protection mind you, understandably they don't want to be eaten.

Now imagine the energy that is unlocked from something as clever as that. Logical right?

Local and Organic

We ferment organic fruits and vegetables from farmers in the UK and Europe. Committed to bringing our customers quality over quantity, we make our products by hand in small batches using a wild natural fermentation process with no preservatives nor artificial flavour enhancers.

The philosophy of fermenting is highly local. All cultures have a tradition of their own distinctive fermented food. A welcome outcome of this is how every batch is slightly different, like a unique local cheese, or local wine (both of which are in the fermented family).

Mindful Eating

Our pursuit of wellbeing can be a balanced exercise. Fermentation is a preservation process. This ancient technology allows us to work with our environment and all its creatures, microscopic too, so we can make the most of what nature generously provides. 

There is something very peaceful in being mindful of the life involved in each bite and meditating on this connectedness.