What is fermentation?

What is fermentation anyway?

Fermentation is a process that converts carbs and sugars into nutrients with the help of microorganisms that are naturally present in the environment. They break down foods - pre-digest, if you will - so that our bodies don't have to work so hard doing the same thing. In other words, fermented foods are alive.

The distinct tanginess of kimchi is develop by these little helpers, called lactobacilli, known for their incredible superfood health qualities. We inherit these do-gooders from our mothers as babies. They train our immune system and much more.


a healthy happy tummy

The newest scientific discoveries suggests the key to our health is to maintain a diverse culture of good bacteria in our bodies, specifically in our gut.

We are made up of 90% bacterial cells and 10% human cells. In our gut alone, we host 100 trillion species or microorganisms. Their health is our health.