We have officially launched Food85 website and online shop woop woop! 

Get your Organic Kimchi in Napa Cabbage or Kale right here right now.

YES they are VEGAN (if you were't aware, kimchi usually contains fish sauce so is neither vegetarian nor vegan).

Our founder and head chef Lily Hirasawa, born to a Korean mother and Japanese father, grew up on the stuff. Since completing her professional training in classic European cuisines here in London, she travelled to South Korea, the birthplace of this delicious fermented pickle, to learn its ins and outs, making kimchi at the oldest monetary in Seoul. After meticulous research and development she has landed with the perfect kimchi recipe - tangy, spicy, packed with punchy ginger.

Aside from using the top quality chillies from Korean home soil, Food85 proudly sources only top quality, organic fruits and vegetables available from responsible producers in the UK and Europe.

Enjoy this superfood with all Asian dishes. Or other dishes - burgers, quesadillas, morning egg white omelette... We are OBSESSED.

Big BIG thank you to everyone who made this a reality. Stay tuned for more from Food85.

Peace xx